Testing Process

Our every coating process is tested for adherence to IS & BS standards .We carry out the job of spray galvanizing / aluminizing to the coating thickness of 175 – 200 microns to be confirmed by the thickness measurement gauge before and after the coating process

The brief details of the test carried out on Zinc or Aluminized coating surfaces are:

Thickness of Coating : This test is carried out to ensure that the coating provided is to the accepted standards. A self calibrated coating thickness gauge with test pieces is used for testing the thickness of Zinc/Aluminum Coating as per IS: 3203:1982.

Purity Test : Purity of Zinc / Aluminum wire used is tested in an external laboratory ascertain which should 99.95% pure be as per IS: 209.A certificate to this effect can be provided to the customer along with our test certificate if desired.

Bond Tests: This test indicates the mechanical bonding of Zinc/Aluminum coating to the substrate. This is carried out by using a special Bond Tester as per ASTM-D 4541-1985. A dolly is fixed on a sample piece using an adhesive material and by forcing it to be pulled out by using the Bond Tester. The load at which this dolly gets separated from the test piece indicates the bonding strength in terms of PSI (Pound per Square Inch). Secondly by using a scriber, several lines at close intervals are drawn on the coated surface as per IS: 5905. The coating along the lines should not peel-off.