Thermal Spraying of Aluminum or Aluminizing involves deposition of Aluminum of 99.5% purity over the prepared surface. The sprayed metal is melted by using Electric Arc that is atomized with compressed air and projected over the substrate, and is prepared using Sand & Quartz Blasting. According to the IS & BS Standards, it would be resistant up to 950ÂșC temperature.

The Aluminizing process is used to protect parts operating in high temperature environments against corrosion and oxidation. As a result, the most common parts coated are high temperature industrial chimney and muffler.

  • Railway Bridges are aluminum metalized for corrosion protection as per Indian Railway Standard.
  • Ship hulls are aluminum metalized periodically for corrosion protection as per IS & BS Standard.

Some of the advantages are:

  • Site job possible
  • No size limitation
  • Better surface preparation
  • Cold process
  • Pure aluminum coating
  • Ideal surface for painting

The standards are:

  • BS: 2569 Part I & II
  • IS: 2590
  • IS: 5905
  • BS:1475